Mare Terra Coffee, experts in single estate coffees since 1978.

Mare Terra Coffee is a specialty green coffee importer with official headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Spain. We aim at the constant search of the best coffees in the world, strongly believing in the promotion of single estate coffees, building and strengthening relationships between the producer and the roaster.

In Mare Terra we carried our heart and roots in the best coffees of Central America, being pioneers in the specialization of this region. We also work closely with producers from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, among other origins, supporting their work and joining common efforts towards sustainable coffee production.

We have always in sight special micro lots with unforgettable flavors. Unique, exceptional and peculiar coffees that makes a cup tasting table something to be always remembered.

We ask ourselves constantly ... where does the coffee come from? And how was it produced? Therefore, Sustainability and Traceability is not only our corporate philosophy, it is the path to be followed ... the way our work makes sense, reflecting the effort of our producers partners wherever we go. It is the way in which we understand to bring single estate coffees to roasting countries.

Every single bean has an anecdote to be told, enjoy and live in first person the version of our storytellers. Get ready to try our coffees and open your roaster´s drum to experience a personal trip to origin!