Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Mare Terra Coffee constantly seeks for superiority in terms of single estate coffees. We offer a wide range of specialty coffees, based on the principles of quality, sustainability, traceability and above all the close and direct relationship with the producer.

We intend to promote solid criteria on coffee, promoting practices of sustainable coffee farming and encouraging the education of the producer, the consumer and our clients: Small to medium roasters and specialized stores.

Our Vision

To become the first European reference as specialty green coffee importer, promoting single estate coffees and considering:

  • Synergies bonding with producers who develop sustainable agricultural practices, bearing in mind social and environmental aspects.
  • Make use of an agile and dynamic system that coordinates technology and professionalism of our work team, offering a proactive, responsible and versatile service.
  • Continuous search for specialty quality coffees.

Our Values

A series of services that are performed with care and dedication are intimately related to coffee until it reaches the cup. In the same way that each vineyard creates its own wine, each farm produces its own coffee of unique characteristics, with the security and tranquility towards the final consumer that they will always remain unchanged.

Single estate coffees vary depending on where they are produced and differ from commercial green coffees because they are never mixed in origin with other coffees from other farms in the area. That is, coffee maintains all its originality and inert personality from the seed to the cup. At this stage is where Mare Terra fulfills its role, importing exclusively single estate coffees, controlling the direct process without passing through innumerable intermediaries.

We assured to obtain a first quality product by buying single estate coffees, helping to maintain the continuity of the traditional coffee families, who have been working their land from generation to generation. This makes possible that a small part of what our clients pays for, could be used to improve the quality of life of our farmers.

We summarize and defend our values ​​with the following criteria:

• Traceability:

Awareness at every single stage, from the plantation to the roaster´s drum. 

• Sustainability:

Creating at origin better development scenarios, measuring the impact and results for producers and the environment. 

• Transparency:

Procuring and openly demonstrating the producer´s profitability in all our prices. 

• Commitment:

Long term consolidated relationships with producers and collaborators at origin.

• Education:

The foundation of our values and the clear determination for non-stop learning experiences. 

• Respect

For all laborious hands involved and responsible for coffee itself, especially producers and roasters.