How to buy

Below you will find the conditions required that must be approved to purchase our products: 

Payment Conditions

  • Payment against invoice by bank transfer.
  • Preparation and processing of the product upon receipt of proof of payment (SWIFT transfer code).

More information:

Pricing and Shipping Conditions 

  • Availability and Prices subject to final confirmation by our Commercial Team.
  • Prices Eur/Kg. - FOT Barcelona Warehouse.
  • To check our prices, register or log in with your username and password through our website.
  • The transport service can be managed by the client.
  • Mare Terra can handle the full transport logistics of the product always subject to quotation and final approval by the client.

More information:

Green Coffee Sample Shipping Policy

  • Green coffee samples availability for most of our coffees (150-200gr).
  • Contact the Commercial Team to confirm availability: